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We have had a lot of people talk about these two terms; renewable energy and solar energy and may be wondering if they had any difference. Sometimes these terms might be confusing if you don’t understand their meaning.

Solar energy can be referred to as renewable energy generated from the sun. But you see, renewable energy can not be referred to as solar energy because the sun is not the only source of renewable energy.

There are basically five major sources of renewable energy today.

We have wind energy generated from the wind, solar energy generated from the sun, geothermal energy generated from the heat inside the earth, biomass generated from plants, and hydropower generated from flowing water.

As the world keeps revolving, more sources of this renewable energy will be discovered.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the terms; renewable energy and solar energy.


Renewable energy is the general term for energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate compared to their consumption rate. This energy has the capacity to be renewed or regenerated on its own and they are plenteous around us.

Renewable energy can also be referred to as green energy and clean energy that is environmentally friendly, unlike nonrenewable energy which involves the burning of fossil fuel in the air in order to generate useful energy. This type of energy generation process emits carbon oxide into the atmosphere. When carbon is emitted into the atmosphere, what it does is affects the amount of greenhouse gases, and this causes climate change and global warming.

Renewable energy generation helps make energy reliable, also reducing the emission of carbon in the atmosphere thus, making our environment safe for sustainable living.

Renewable energy is very useful for human activities as it can help promote productivity and healthy living.

There are various systems or technologies through which this energy is generated. We have the solar panels, the wind farms or turbines, the Inverter systems, charge controllers, the solar battery systems etc.


Solar energy is energy generated from the sun. It is an example of renewable energy, and its source is the sun.
Over 970 Trillion KWH of this energy falls from the skies every day and this energy produces heat if not used to generate energy that can be useful to man. The energy that is useful is generated by the means of a solar energy system.

The Solar energy system comprises the solar panels, the solar batteries, integrated solar street lights, solar led bulbs, solar water heaters etc.

Here’s how the solar energy system works;
The solar panels are installed horizontally on the roof or carport, and it then absorbs the sun rays when released from the sun by PV cells in the panel.

The energy it absorbs creates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electrical field causing electricity to flow. The electric current that flows is referred to as the direct current (DC) electricity. This current is then controlled by a system called the “Charge Controller” which then converts it into an “Alternate Current”.

The direct current (DC) that flows from the panel is not useful and can damage your appliances including your batteries when used alone. It becomes useful when it is converted into “the alternate current (AC)”. The AC is then stored in your solar batteries which helps you enjoy Free Lasting and Very Reliable Energy.


There are several advantages that switching to renewable energy can get you, aside from the steady, reliable and clean energy you get, there are other benefits that may interest you.

Moving the streets everyday going to work or your various daily activities, you encounter burning fumes either from exhaust pipes of people’s vehicles, or fumes from burning wastes or even from people’s generators outside of their shops.

After inhaling all of these uncontrollably external fumes from the environment caused by people, you go home and run your homes on petrol/diesel generators, inhaling fumes again, fumes that can be controlled this time.

What this does is causes respiratory tract diseases that can be harmful to your health and that of your family.

The use of renewable energy to run your home helps you control the inhalation of deadly fumes from your immediate environment. Since you can not control the external fumes released from external forces, you can control the internal fumes, thus, protecting your health.

The second most important benefit of switching to renewable energy is the huge electricity bills it helps you save. You get to spend a whole lot of money on electricity monthly, you also spend some much money on petrol/diesels, all the money spent can not be regained, and the energy lost can still not be regained.

But when you invest into renewable energy, within the space of 8months to 1year, you may have regained your money, and you may not have to pay hugely on electricity anymore.

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SLB Bunker Solar A-project is one of the biggest projects carried out by Enerplaz Energy in November & December, 2021.

This project was carried out for Schlumberger oilfield company.

Schlumberger is one of the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the global energy/oil and gas industry.

During our services to the company, high quality products and materials were used. These high quality products and materials were distributed and installed at strategic areas of the premises to produce better solar energy for the company.

We listed out some of the products used with the total quantity used.

They are;

– 30.7KWP Solar Farm

– Automatic weather sealed street lamps

– 20KVA inverter system with 36 200AH Enerplaz Batteries

– 25,000 Liters/day solar borehole pump (automated)

– 3 250Liters Envac Storez and 150L Envac water heater.

All of these products were provided by Enerplaz Energy Solutions company.

After the installation process, we visit the company periodically to conduct maintenance and servicing of those products to avoid damage.

You can check out the video to see the complete work carried out on the solar bunker a-project.