“Nigeria has a land mass of 923,768  You could power the entire country with about 150 of solar panels. That's like a small corner of Katsina state that is currently not being used for anything" -  Enerplaz MD

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We sell, engineer, install and provide customer service support for the following solar systems:

Solar, batteries and Inverter systems  (Residential, commercial, and Industrial)

Enerplaz specializes in installing solar and inverter systems on new homes as well as existing buildings, known as retrofitting. Retrofitting a building with a solar system is a great way for building owners to save money on utility costs and to minimize stress associated with incessant power outages.

Our services Include:

  • Inverter and battery backup system installation
  • Online inverter systems
  • Hybrid solar system installation
  • Island Solar and inverter systems installation (No Gen, No NEPA)
  • Automatic load management system (no need to switch some loads off manually - System auto prioritise loads)
  • Remote monitoring of solar and inverter Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Sales of American, Korean, German, India Inverters ,batteries and accessories

***We have successfully installed over 1000 systems.



Solar Street Lighting (for homes, highways, rural roadways, etc)

 Enerplaz Engineering adopted a different  approach to solar street lighting. We have carried out extensive research to decipher why most Nigerian Government funded  solar street lighting projects failed and why a few succeeded. The result: Enerplaz Engineering now offer world class, best of the industry, long-life solar street lighting solutions for our tropical climate. 

Our services include:

  • Rehabilitation of existing street lights
  • Highway and rural roadway lighting
  • Offshore operations
  • Portable emergency power and lighting
  • Government applications
  • Security and surveillance camera lighting
  • Parking lot and perimeter fence lighting
  • Bridges and hazard warning lights
  • Integrated all-in-one solar street lighting
  • After sales operations and maintenance



Solar Water Heaters  (Residential, commercial, and Industrial)

Conventional electric water heaters are energy guzzlers. They make us oversize our backup generators and consume alot of units of electricity every month. Why waste electricity in heating water when the sun can do it free of charge for decades?

Enerplaz engineering offers a variety of solar water heaters, pressurized and unpressurized units integrated with electric heaters. Our solar heaters when properly sized, deliver hot water(at 80 DegC) for most of the year and can store water for many cloudy days without recourse to the inbuilt (optional) electric heater. Hotels, resorts, hospitals, homes e.t.c will notice significant savings in having the systems installed.

Most people need one heater for the entire house.

***We have successfully installed over 40 units


Solar Refrigeration - Freezers, Fridges and Solar cold rooms  (Residential, commercial)

Our ultra efficient solar freezers and fridges (now in stock) rely solely on the sun to cool. You do not need to connect them to the Generator, Inverter or 'NEPA'.  Areas of application include:

  • Homes and Lodges
  • Frozen foods businesses
  • Remote farms
  • Rural hospitals and clinics
  • Cold water and drinks businesses
  • Remote trading stores
  • Holiday houses

***We have successfully installed 13 units in Nigeria. Solar cold rooms(10ft, 20ft and 30ft) are by order with 12weeks lead time.



Sales of various American Inverter and Solar Products

These American inverters and solar products are the Rolls Royce of renewable energy. The inverter products are backed by 5years warranty (15 to 20years life typical)  whilst the solar panels are backed by 25years warranty (expect over 50years life). They are not cheap, but their reliability, performance, and long life made them a worthy investment.

Because we partner with American major dealers and OEMs, we enjoy exceptional pricing concessions and we are able to pass the savings and support to our customers. We have sales and support staff located in Houston (USA), Arizona (USA) , Lagos and Port Harcourt.

The products are in stock. Call 08037543295





















Solar powered borehole pumps (Schools, Farms, Homes, commercial application)

Our ultra efficient solar-powered borehole pumps (in stock) rely solely on the sun to pump water. (4,000litres to 50,000litres every day) You do not need to connect them to  batteries, Generator, Inverter or 'NEPA'. All they need is the pump and a few solar panels or a single wind turbine. Areas of application include:

  • Homes 
  • Construction camps
  • Farms
  • Rural hospitals and clinics
  • water sales business

**If you need large volumes of water EVERYDAY where there is no grid power or where power is unreliable, these pumps will exceed your expectations


Energy Efficiency Studies (for Homes and Businesses)

With a little fee, Enerplaz Engineering prefers to carry out energy audits before implementing any solar solution.  Energy Conservation Measures  (ECM) are first identified. The measures, if implemented potentially saves  at least 20% off the cost of deployment. 

The audits normally involve:

  • Identification of key electrical energy users in the facility
  • Identify potentials for energy savings/replacement appliances
  • Present a profitability calculation of saving proposals.
  • Presentation of associated cost-benefits in implementing the energy saving measures.
  • Implement some ECMs.



Parabolic and Evacuated Tube Solar Cookers (for Homes and Schools)

With our SolSource  parabolic cooker (in stock) you can enjoy high-temperature solar cooking. It reaches 350C/700F in 1-2 minutes. It is 100% solar pwered and designed to last and to withstand all weather conditions. SolSource can be decoupled quickly so that you can can take it anywhere there is sun to cook

  • Farms
  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Science project demonstration

**Not suitable in Southern Nigeria because of frequent cloud cover. Works effectively in clear skies as found in Northern Nigeria



Solar DC Ironing Package

The low cost solar-powered DC iron with battery back-up is useful for light duty ironing without recourse to 'NEPA', Gen, or Inverters. (They are in stock)