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Innovative Energy Solutions

Our mission is to help people save money and the environment by providing them with energy-efficient appliances. The company's products are designed to use less energy than traditional appliances, which can save customers money on their energy bills. Our products are also designed to be environmentally friendly, which helps to reduce the company's environmental impact.


Envac's Solution

Envac's goal is to become a leader in the energy-efficiency industry by developing new and innovative products, investing in research and development, and partnering with other organizations.

Thermal Storage Air Conditioning System

Envac Storez

The Envac storez is a revolutionary and patented eco- friendly solution that stores large amount of energy in water instead of batteries for the sole purpose of air-conditioning. This solution uses water instead of harmful refrigerants minimizing your environmental footprint, it slashes your energy bills up to 50%, the consistent even cooling ensures your comfort throughout the day.

FEATURES: · Replaces costly chemical batteries · Eco friendly · Luxury living · Low energy consumption · Slashes energy bill by about 50% · High quality and durable · More affordable · Reduced reliance on grid · Hybrid operation

Envac central water heater

Unlike the traditional energy consuming water heater, the envac central water heater helps you cut down your energy bills by as much as 30% by completely eliminating the cost of heating water. The envac central water heater harnesses the power of waste heat from power generators or compressors of the air-conditioning system to heat water for free.

FEATURES: · Zero energy cost · Durability · Thick insulation for the water heater tank · High pressure application · Thick high grade stainless steel water enclosure · Weatherproof aluminum exterior (IP 68 Rated) · Seamless integration · Hybrid operation · Multiple applications

Envac Dryer

The envac dryer offers a smarter and faster drying system for domestic and industrial use. This drying solution utilizes excess heat from the envac central water heater, reducing energy wastage and maximizing efficiency. This is an eco-friendly way of drying food and clothes.

FEATURES: . Faster drying . Hybrid operations . Wrinkle reduction . Sustainable solution . Eco- friendly . Slashes drying bills by 50% . Unlike the sun, does not fade clothes


The envac nature breeze is an affordable but effective ventilation and nature cooling system for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The system leverages on the fact that nighttime outdoor temperature is cooler that indoor temperature. The system works by drawing cold filtered air into the house to replace the stale indoor air.

FEATURES . Energy cost is less than 20% that of the conventional air conditioners . Removes stale indoors air replacing it with filtered fresh air from outside . Affordable operating cost . Seamless integration . Quiet operations . Reduced need for conventional air-conditioning system . Eco friendly


The Automatic Load Management System (ALMS) automatically disconnects your fridge or freezer only from the inverter when a certain low battery voltage is reached. System also reconnects the appliances when "NEPA" or Generator power is restored. Gone are the days when your freezer or fridge over drained or killed your batteries. This innovation prolongs battery lives and has been in use for many years now.


This system enables you to use two different battery banks on the same inverter. When the battery bank goes low. System automatically switches to bank 2 without a blink. Bank 2 may be on solar or an external battery charger.

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