“Nigeria has a land mass of 923,768  You could power the entire country with about 150 of solar panels. That's like a small corner of Katsina state that is currently not being used for anything" -  Enerplaz MD

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I heard that Solar Systems are costly?

An installed system could cost anywhere from a few thousand naira to several millions depending on the size.

Solar being modular, you can start a solar system with any amount and add-on later. Usually the bigger the merrier.


How Long will my solar system last?

Solar panels being made out of silicon(Sand) normaly come with 25-30years warantees. Over 40years life is typical when properly installed and sourced from good sources e.g. Suntech, Sunpower, Solar World, Sharp, Yingli e.t.c. Some cheap and unbranded do not come with warantees and are unlikely to reach 7years life. 


Can I run my air conditioners on these systems?

Yes if your inverter/batteries are properly sized. Although it is technically possible to run air conditioners on power backup or solar systems, most people chose not to do so because air conditioners use a lot of power and could significantly increase the cost of your system. Consider just running one air conditioner unit or only running it for a few hours at a time.

What is different about your inverters?

Inverters are the devices that convert electric power from DC (battery type) to AC (grid type). In recent years, inverters have become more common. Unfortunately, most are high-frequency type inverters that are cheap to manufacture but are not reliable in African conditions. We use only torodial transformer-type inverters and inverter/chargers built to US, European, and india standards. One way you can easily tell the difference is to compare the weight of inverters. Transformers are heavy and most high-frequency inverters will not weigh more than 7 KGs. Our smallest inverter/charger weighs 20 KG!


Can I install this system myself?

You are certainly welcome to design, import and install your own system. But unless you are planning on becoming a reseller/installer, it may not be worth the risk and expense. Most customers find it worthwhile to use a trained, professional installer and negotiate an economical solution.


What are the operating costs of these systems?

There are no operating costs, other than the electricity consumed by a power backup system in recharging the batteries. This is electricity you would have consumed from the grid anyway, had it been available. Batteries will need replacement periodically, depending on the quality of batteries you choose, and how often and deeply you discharge them.


What kind of maintenance is required?

The only maintenance required is periodic (quarterly) checking of battery electrolyte level, if you choose to use flooded batteries. If you use sealed batteries, there is virtually no maintenance.


Can I use this system to heat water?

Our solar power systems are photovoltaic, meaning they create electricity, not heat. If you want a solar system for heating water, you will need a solar thermal system. Of course, you can use the electricity in your solar or backup system to run an electric water heater, but these heaters generally consume a lot of power and are not an efficient use of your limited battery power. It's cheaper to use gas to heat water.


Is inverter better than a Generator?

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